The Dinner Party

Food is magical. It brings people together, it creates lasting memories and it can also be very delicious. Before I went abroad, I started cooking at my campus apartment at Iowa State. I use to watch my father as he prepared extravagant meals for the family, but I never fully soaked in his chef skills. I wasn’t motivated because he or my mom would always provide food. I was tired of eating the same thing on campus, and wanted to save some money; so I started to educate myself. I’m not going to say I became an expert over night, but with practice, some youtube videos, and the Food Network channel, I am now able to make almost any dish I want.

Cooking with Dog is my favorite Youtuber for Japanese inspired cooking.
When I wanted to make something gourmet or learn a new cooking skill, I’d look up Chef Jamie Oliver.
For fun baking treats I’d turn to Youtuber Nerdy Nummies

This skill came in handy when I came to Sweden. I didn’t know many people and I wanted to bring the people that I met during activity week together for a nice meal. So, I sent out a Facebook event, invited almost everyone I met, and had an amazing dinner party. I learned that it is very difficult to prepare a meal for 15+ people, but in the end, it’s the conversations, the good energy, and positive feeling that will be remembered. I had a great experience creating this dinner party, and I can’t wait to do it again. Till next time!

Half the group sat on the corridors couches
And the other half sat at the tables. Luckily, there was room for everyone 😛

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