Stockholm City Tour

Having a good group of friends to explore a new city is becoming one of my favorite things. You have the opportunity to navigate this amazing new world that you’ve never encountered before!

So, this weekend my friends and I decided to go around downtown, Stockholm. We spent the majority of the day just randomly strolling around and walking into stores. The eclectic mix of architecture and warm yellows, salmons, and muted nudes were beautiful against the crisp deep blue water. You might not know this about me yet, but I LOVE scandinavian design. Whether that be products, architecture or art, it’s all so simple, classic and fresh. It’s like a designer’s heaven. So, Stockholm allows me to enjoy it in all it’s glory!

Anyway, once we finished looking around Stockholm city, we went up to Skinnarviksberget, to just chill and relax. I almost died going up the steep rocky hill leading up to Skinnarviksberget because there was no railing, I was not wearing hiking boots, and it was one of the highest points in all of Stockholm. All was worth it once though we arrived at the top; there, you could see all of Stockholm. The air was crisp and light and the sky was gloomy and overcast. It was the perfect day, in my opinion, to wear my floppy Monki hat, thick sparkly sweater and just enjoy the scenery.


The typical picture of Stockholm Sweden you see when you google it haha.
My group of friends that day touring the city. We have Australia, Spain, The UK, The Netherlands and of course the US represented!
So my friend Gabe can take some pretty awesome photos! This was at the top of Skinnarviksberget.

After Skinnarviksberget, we took the Slussen ferry boat over to Skansen. In Stockholm, it’s very easy to take a ferry boat to visit different cities and such, and all you need is your SL card! Once off the boat, we went to the park near Skansen to walk through the forest and hang out. We didn’t stay there long because by that point we had been walking for a while and it was getting dark out (Oh how the daylight is slowly fading away). Eventually, we traveled by trolley to the mainland and journeyed off to our prospective living arrangements.

The amusement park we hope to go to before the weather gets too bad.
On the short hike through the forest!

The day was calm, fun and adventurous. I can’t wait to have another exploration! Till next time!

Photos this week were courtesy of my friend Gabriel Reyes!


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