Family Weekend

Last weekend, my family came to visit me! I was able to show them around the place I now call home. They were surprised to see how well adjusted I had become abroad. It was fun to take them through the public transit, walk them around Old Town in Stockholm, show them my school KTH,  and navigate Copenhagen, Denmark together. However, my favorite part of our journey together was mainly spending time with them.

I hadn’t been able to physically touch or see them in person for months. So it’s not suprising that I cried the second I saw their faces. It was a long time coming, and I’m very fortunate that not one but all of them were able to make the trip over to see me. Here are the top moments I captured from our time together. I think pictures explain the feeling of the trip, rather then me explaining every detail :).

Prosciutto, olives, and basil/garlic crackers were served at the dinner party my mom and dad threw for my friends. They went all out!
The master chef himself, aka my father, created his infamous seafood pasta. The dish included mussels, big shrimp, scallops, and tomato sauce.
Almost ready to serve the masses!
My mom conversing with my friends over a fun UNO card game!
The lovely fam 🙂
City Hall, the place where the Nobel prize is given out every year, is marvelous. The light leaked through the stone arches this day and the autumn leaves were changing colors across the walls. What a place to visit!
I just really liked this sculpture.
My dad sitting on a large version of the Benet Skalstol Hans J. Wegner chair at the Design Museum. Only had 10 minutes inside, but it was so worth it.
The canal tours were scenic and beautiful. Our guide luckily always reminded us to keep our heads within the boat when going past bridges or else there could be a nasty consequence…ouch.
My brother in front of one of the best architecturally design building, The Opera House.
Can you build the arch?
Completed! At the Danish Architecture Center.
A fish made completely from recycled plastics and trash. It goes to show, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.
IMG_3370-2 copy
Mom and Dad! Smiles in front of the Kronborg Castle.
Han…is he searching for his little mermaid?



IMG_3481-2 copy
Oh hi didn’t see you there. (Copenhagen Houses)
Ooo fancy. When my family comes I’m treated like a queen!
IMG_3509-2 copy
Haha this was an experience! Our first self-serves bbq restaurant. If you don’t want to cook your own food or receive service than this is NOT the place for you. However, I quite enjoyed the whole experience. (Fatty Cow)
The pristine table…soon to be covered.


Such a mess…looks like the first seen of Spirited away, if any of you have seen that!
Side view.
Visit to the Christiansborg Palace. So regal, so beautiful.
What can I say, I like taking pictures in castles :P.
The chandeliers were one of the best features of the palace. Ever room had a different one.


Look at my brother and my dad faces…they are very much related haha.
I loved the curves on Den Blå Planet. There is an aquarium on the inside!


IMG_3646 copy
The foggy, dreary days in Copenhagen didn’t bother me. I found them to be beautiful.
The final stop. Chocolate! Inside the Copenhagen airport.

What I didn’t show was that we biked the entire last day while we were in Copenhagen, Denmark. The paths were so easy to follow! There’s a road for cars, then there’s a slight rise that made a road for bikes, and then another slight rise for the sidewalk. I can see why it’s a place that has more bikes than people! Anyway, this was an amazing weekend with my family. I was sad to see them go but I know, pretty soon, I’ll be reunited with them again. Till next time!


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